This is the quote I feel most passionately about!

When the last tree is cut,

the last river poisoned

and the last fish dead,

we will discover

we can’t eat money.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012


C'mon peeps get your glad rags on it's time for Carnival!!
With the Rio +20 Summit being held this year many from the Stop Climate Chaos organisation will be gathering to celebrate sustainable development.

After the first Rio Summit back in 1992, many new and lasting changes were brought into action. Local Agenda 21 was a great idea that allowed local people to have a say in how their councils were running things. I am not sure how in focus this project is anymore as I lost touch with the local group. However the changes it instigated are great and lasting.
Let us hope that this time around as much effort is made to bring about lasting change that will make this world a better place.

As for this year, how better to celebrate the summit in Rio than by a carnival!
There are events being organised all across the Earth and why not begin one in your area?
When people gather together to celebrate there is a special feeling in the air and this is something that will help spread the message of sustainable development.

Why sustainable development?
Well as the Great Mother Earth is now in crisis, we need to do all we can to help Her to both sustain Her current health and fertility and also to recover from the years of abuse mankind has inflicted upon Her.
Please try to understand the urgency of the situation and do all you can in your personal lives to reduce the amount of earth's resources you use on a daily basis.
Energy, water, goods, food, all of these can be reduced through sensible measures:-

The energy crisis is one of the major aspects facing mankind. By supporting renewable energies in your home and place of work you can help to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels.
Fossil fuels create large amounts of Carbon Dioxide as they are burnt to provide power and this affects the Greenhouse Effect. This Greenhouse Effect is changing our climate daily and is causing the polar ice caps to melt. This could cause widespread flooding in coastal areas around the world and we must do all we can to help avoid this catastrophe!
Green Energy such as Solar Panels, Wind Turbines and Biomass can all help reduce the amount of Carbon Dioxide release into the atmosphere.

Water usage can be reduced through caring a little more as we clean our teeth not to let the tap run or by having a shower rather than a bath. Collecting rainwater for the garden can stop us relying on taps to feed our plants. Please try to do all these things and do your part in helping the environment.

As we learn to recycle, repair and reuse the goods we have, we help reduce our usage of the Earth's resources. Recycling can go a long way to help. Glass, Aluminium, Tin, even Plastic can be recycled. Please find out about your local area and if you have a roadside collection please make good use of it!!
Repairing electronic and electrical goods stops us needing to buy new ones which helps reduce usage again. For example changing the element in your oven or washing machine.
Reuse by changing something you were going to throw out into a useful item again can also help. For example an old pair of jeans can be made into a handbag, an old car tyre into an interesting flower pot!! The list is endless!! Put your minds to work!

Foods are a necessity that noone can live without but by eating organic and local, seasonal foods we can help prevent waste of fuel in the transport of these foods and petrochemicals in pesticides during growth.
Shop carefully and choose foods you can guarantee have been grown wisely!

Well sustainable development is a wide-ranging subject that includes housing, business, transport and farming. Please do all you can to encourage wise use of resources and by supporting "green" and eco-friendly ventures you can help to save the Earth!
Thank you!

Please look out for your local carnival this June 2012 as the Rio +20 summit is held and party on for the Earth!
Try to lobby your MP yo sign the declaration supporting sustainable development and do all you can in your community and personal life to help.
Thank you again and I look forward to hearing from you about your events.
Please e-mail

Blessings of fertility to your world this Beltane! BB 

Friday, 2 December 2011

How can we help the youth?

I was watching the Tv programme "Question Time" and they were talking about how the youth are finding it hard to find jobs. What emerged was how the schooling they had received did not relate to their future working lives. A comment by BBC Dragon's Den star, Deborah, shed the light on how the children were instilled with fear.

How can we help them I was thinking? What I was thinking was that the children need to know more about the kinds of jobs available and what they think they'd be good at. In addition to that they need skills to allow them to lose their fear of working for a living. I know it's hard to imagine working when you're a child as life is full of rainbows however if we can make this fun for them then perhaps more of the youth would feel prepared for the workplace.

What I was thinking was how about people from local companies, workers and managers, could go into the schools on a special "Skills day" each week and teach the children about their job. They could talk for a few minutes about how they achieved their path to give the youth an idea of the different paths to employment. Then the fun starts! They could provide a live demonstration of their skill with a presentation of the finished product or service. As not everyone is interested in the same thing, the children could be given a choice of skills to learn. In that way everyone could learn something that they like!

I am sure local companies would spare one day to help local schools and the children would gain such a great experience from this!

If you agree with this idea or you have anything else to add please write a comment or send me an e-mail on


Monday, 28 November 2011

Climate Change

The above link will enable you to access the site of a large coalition of charitable groups such as Friends of the Earth, the Women's Environmental Network and Greenpeace, who are actively campaigning about Climate Change.
Each group comes at the story from a slightly different angle but all with one aim to gain recognition from the governments of the world that there needs to be action taken to reduce the effects of Climate Change.

With the Kyoto protocol of yesteryear coming to a close, the UN are meeting in Durban, South Africa to look to the future and make a new agreement.
Britain will be represented by Chris Huhne MP and he will be online for a chat to the world on Thursday 1st December before setting off to Durban.
This is your chance to give your opinion and ask for a better world to be created.
Please check out the website Stop Climate Chaos for more info and to add your questions and opinions to the debate.
Each member of the UN represented has an equal say in this debate and we must not let less informed countries who damage the Earth speak out against Climate Change agreements or indeed those countries who need our protection become even more downtroden in their fight for survival.
Please support this campaign and have your say in the debate!

As the UN meeting will be in South Africa, the coalition Stop Climate Chaos has created an Event called the African Connection. These events being held up and down the country are to raise awareness of Climate Change and to bring to the forefront of people's minds what they can do in their own worlds.
In this blog I hope to go some way to guiding you about eco-living so if you have any eco-tips you'd like to share please add a comment or e-mail me at
If you wish to let your voice be heard and hold an event over the coming week in your area or perhaps you could check out the website for events already being held to join in with.
Some ideas for events are showing films relating to Climate Change or watching videos with friends, resources available on the website Stop Climate Change
There are also ideas for African recipes so you could have an African meal with family or friends and all talk Climate Change!!
You could find out if there are African people living in your community and share with them your feelings about Climate Change. After all their country is one of the worst hit by the droughts caused by this damage caused by mankind.
Perhaps you could go to a drumming workshop or if you already play then you could
"Drum for Africa"
What an event idea! I think I'll add this to Facebook!
Lets say Friday 2nd December at 7pm as many of you as have access to a drum you could always make one or drum your hands on the kitchen top!
Let's get together and in our hearts and minds focus on bringing about change in the world!
It would be fantastic!
I'd love to hear from anyone getting involved!
Please e-mail me at
So we have a way we can all help campaign, keep aware at all times of how we personally are affecting the Earth. Do all we can to lead an Eco-friendly, Green Life!
Join with like-minded people and share ideas!
Lets make change happen in our lifetimes!


The idea of sharing!

How can we all help share the wealth of the Earth?

Did you know that 1% of the earth's population have 99% of the wealth? As you have quickly worked out this leaves the 99% of us left with 1% of the Earth's wealth.
The ones left making the decisions have no idea how the rest of us are really living! Governments are becoming more and more out of touch with their people!
This unjust reality is a current campaign in the hearts and minds of most people with many taking to the streets in the Occupy protests across the world to speak out!
How do you feel you are personally affected by this unjust reality in the sharing of the Earth's wealth? Do you feel you are amongst the poor and needy?
If so there are charities out there who are doing things to help you.
Have you heard of Food Bank centres? These are places in local communities where supermarkets and kind, giving people donate food which is stored and distributed amongst the poorest people. If you feel you would like to help perhaps you could set one up in your local area. If you feel you are in need please visit to find your local food bank or if you and your church or community centre wish to set up a food bank
For more info about a local scheme in Milton Keynes please visit

Whatever your personal situation you can always find a way of sharing more amongst your community to help relieve the "debt crisis".
I watched a video recently about how banks began in our world and it was terrible. Basically the whole of the banking system is built on DEBT! The ideas behind it were that banks began as a place to store your wealth securely. One "Con-artist" banker saw all the gold in his stores and became greedy. He thought to himself that he could lend out the gold to other people who had nothing whilst charging them interest to make a profit and noone would be any the wiser. The people who originally stored the money with the banker returned to collect their money and the banker was left in debt! Sound familiar! There are no funds anymore on Earth!
Just like the state of the Treasury when the "Con-artists" came to power a while back, when they gave a statement saying there was no funds. This is true the world over!
Why is it our world still revolves around money?
The video described how if there was NO debt there would be NO money. This is the essence of a reality that could prove the saviour of mankind as if we simply wrote off debts across the world, solving the Euro crisis and Greece' problems in one go, plus the problems the countries developing a relationship with Britain are facing like Africa and other countries with large debts they find impossible to pay. There would no longer be anyone thinking about MONEY!

If we learn to share resources, whether that be Earth's resources or human resources, we could feed the world! Not only feed but providing we share our knowledge we could keep a civilised world going where all play their part.
In ancient times all people were asked to give a tenth of their "wealth", often bags of corn!!, to the parish for the priest to distribute to the poor and needy. With this tradition reinstated which I believe is still true in Islamic worlds, we could provide for all.
With noone left starving or in the cold in winter. Energy companies could be asked, just as all companies of all worlds, to give one tenth of their assets to charity.
This would provide for those unable to care for themselves!
Like the elderly, sick or young!
The poor people are only kept feeling poor because the world relies on DEBT as a way of existing. If we were to release all people from their situation of reliance then noone would feel different. If we shared our "wealth" whatever that may be, even spiritual wealth in the form of spiritual guidance to the world, then the Earth would be a much better place!

I hope you have enjoyed this post, if you have any comments please add them at the bottom of the page. Or e-mail me directly at
Lady Rainbow Star

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

What can we Wimmin do?

As Wimmin of Earth we have responsibility for our children and our families and over the home. All these aspects of life are vital to keep healthy. The closer to the Great Mother Earth we become, the more guided we are about all of this. With our children it is so important to teach them kindness to all creatures and a respect and love of Nature. We can teach them how to grow their own food and where indeed food comes from! With our families it is important to provide them with a happy, healthy home and lifestyle. An eco-lifestyle brings so much joy knowing you are doing your best by everyone. Growing organically gives you the best food you can provide for your family.  You know just where it's from,how it's grown and what the food is you're eating!! If you are stuck without land relying on shops or markets choose the best you can; least packaging, organic, gmo-free, dairy-free.

I know a vegan lifestyle might seem way-out man or should I say way-out woman!! But it really is easy and healthy! It soon becomes second-nature to drink soya, rice, coconut, hemp or oat milk. You can even make your own nut-milks from nuts ground to a paste and mixed with water. Try hazelnut milk with coffee - tasty! You can also make your own "scheese" from melted margarine, soya flour, yeast extract and mustard. Depending on how much soya flour you add it makes a soft or hard "scheese". Try it and see!

When you are busying around the home you can do so much to help the environment. There are many eco-friendly cleaners on the market or you can return to basics and use vinegar and bicarb!! They work just as well as any of the shop ones. It is wonderful to use cleaners that smell natural and still do the job well! The more natural the smell the more powerful it is!! Plus the friendlier it is to Mother Earth!

If you have any cleaning tips to share please add a comment or e-mail me at and I will add them to this blog for all to see!
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