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When the last tree is cut,

the last river poisoned

and the last fish dead,

we will discover

we can’t eat money.

Monday, 28 November 2011

The idea of sharing!

How can we all help share the wealth of the Earth?

Did you know that 1% of the earth's population have 99% of the wealth? As you have quickly worked out this leaves the 99% of us left with 1% of the Earth's wealth.
The ones left making the decisions have no idea how the rest of us are really living! Governments are becoming more and more out of touch with their people!
This unjust reality is a current campaign in the hearts and minds of most people with many taking to the streets in the Occupy protests across the world to speak out!
How do you feel you are personally affected by this unjust reality in the sharing of the Earth's wealth? Do you feel you are amongst the poor and needy?
If so there are charities out there who are doing things to help you.
Have you heard of Food Bank centres? These are places in local communities where supermarkets and kind, giving people donate food which is stored and distributed amongst the poorest people. If you feel you would like to help perhaps you could set one up in your local area. If you feel you are in need please visit to find your local food bank or if you and your church or community centre wish to set up a food bank
For more info about a local scheme in Milton Keynes please visit

Whatever your personal situation you can always find a way of sharing more amongst your community to help relieve the "debt crisis".
I watched a video recently about how banks began in our world and it was terrible. Basically the whole of the banking system is built on DEBT! The ideas behind it were that banks began as a place to store your wealth securely. One "Con-artist" banker saw all the gold in his stores and became greedy. He thought to himself that he could lend out the gold to other people who had nothing whilst charging them interest to make a profit and noone would be any the wiser. The people who originally stored the money with the banker returned to collect their money and the banker was left in debt! Sound familiar! There are no funds anymore on Earth!
Just like the state of the Treasury when the "Con-artists" came to power a while back, when they gave a statement saying there was no funds. This is true the world over!
Why is it our world still revolves around money?
The video described how if there was NO debt there would be NO money. This is the essence of a reality that could prove the saviour of mankind as if we simply wrote off debts across the world, solving the Euro crisis and Greece' problems in one go, plus the problems the countries developing a relationship with Britain are facing like Africa and other countries with large debts they find impossible to pay. There would no longer be anyone thinking about MONEY!

If we learn to share resources, whether that be Earth's resources or human resources, we could feed the world! Not only feed but providing we share our knowledge we could keep a civilised world going where all play their part.
In ancient times all people were asked to give a tenth of their "wealth", often bags of corn!!, to the parish for the priest to distribute to the poor and needy. With this tradition reinstated which I believe is still true in Islamic worlds, we could provide for all.
With noone left starving or in the cold in winter. Energy companies could be asked, just as all companies of all worlds, to give one tenth of their assets to charity.
This would provide for those unable to care for themselves!
Like the elderly, sick or young!
The poor people are only kept feeling poor because the world relies on DEBT as a way of existing. If we were to release all people from their situation of reliance then noone would feel different. If we shared our "wealth" whatever that may be, even spiritual wealth in the form of spiritual guidance to the world, then the Earth would be a much better place!

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