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the last river poisoned

and the last fish dead,

we will discover

we can’t eat money.

Friday, 2 December 2011

How can we help the youth?

I was watching the Tv programme "Question Time" and they were talking about how the youth are finding it hard to find jobs. What emerged was how the schooling they had received did not relate to their future working lives. A comment by BBC Dragon's Den star, Deborah, shed the light on how the children were instilled with fear.

How can we help them I was thinking? What I was thinking was that the children need to know more about the kinds of jobs available and what they think they'd be good at. In addition to that they need skills to allow them to lose their fear of working for a living. I know it's hard to imagine working when you're a child as life is full of rainbows however if we can make this fun for them then perhaps more of the youth would feel prepared for the workplace.

What I was thinking was how about people from local companies, workers and managers, could go into the schools on a special "Skills day" each week and teach the children about their job. They could talk for a few minutes about how they achieved their path to give the youth an idea of the different paths to employment. Then the fun starts! They could provide a live demonstration of their skill with a presentation of the finished product or service. As not everyone is interested in the same thing, the children could be given a choice of skills to learn. In that way everyone could learn something that they like!

I am sure local companies would spare one day to help local schools and the children would gain such a great experience from this!

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