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When the last tree is cut,

the last river poisoned

and the last fish dead,

we will discover

we can’t eat money.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

What can we Wimmin do?

As Wimmin of Earth we have responsibility for our children and our families and over the home. All these aspects of life are vital to keep healthy. The closer to the Great Mother Earth we become, the more guided we are about all of this. With our children it is so important to teach them kindness to all creatures and a respect and love of Nature. We can teach them how to grow their own food and where indeed food comes from! With our families it is important to provide them with a happy, healthy home and lifestyle. An eco-lifestyle brings so much joy knowing you are doing your best by everyone. Growing organically gives you the best food you can provide for your family.  You know just where it's from,how it's grown and what the food is you're eating!! If you are stuck without land relying on shops or markets choose the best you can; least packaging, organic, gmo-free, dairy-free.

I know a vegan lifestyle might seem way-out man or should I say way-out woman!! But it really is easy and healthy! It soon becomes second-nature to drink soya, rice, coconut, hemp or oat milk. You can even make your own nut-milks from nuts ground to a paste and mixed with water. Try hazelnut milk with coffee - tasty! You can also make your own "scheese" from melted margarine, soya flour, yeast extract and mustard. Depending on how much soya flour you add it makes a soft or hard "scheese". Try it and see!

When you are busying around the home you can do so much to help the environment. There are many eco-friendly cleaners on the market or you can return to basics and use vinegar and bicarb!! They work just as well as any of the shop ones. It is wonderful to use cleaners that smell natural and still do the job well! The more natural the smell the more powerful it is!! Plus the friendlier it is to Mother Earth!

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