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When the last tree is cut,

the last river poisoned

and the last fish dead,

we will discover

we can’t eat money.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012


C'mon peeps get your glad rags on it's time for Carnival!!
With the Rio +20 Summit being held this year many from the Stop Climate Chaos organisation will be gathering to celebrate sustainable development.

After the first Rio Summit back in 1992, many new and lasting changes were brought into action. Local Agenda 21 was a great idea that allowed local people to have a say in how their councils were running things. I am not sure how in focus this project is anymore as I lost touch with the local group. However the changes it instigated are great and lasting.
Let us hope that this time around as much effort is made to bring about lasting change that will make this world a better place.

As for this year, how better to celebrate the summit in Rio than by a carnival!
There are events being organised all across the Earth and why not begin one in your area?
When people gather together to celebrate there is a special feeling in the air and this is something that will help spread the message of sustainable development.

Why sustainable development?
Well as the Great Mother Earth is now in crisis, we need to do all we can to help Her to both sustain Her current health and fertility and also to recover from the years of abuse mankind has inflicted upon Her.
Please try to understand the urgency of the situation and do all you can in your personal lives to reduce the amount of earth's resources you use on a daily basis.
Energy, water, goods, food, all of these can be reduced through sensible measures:-

The energy crisis is one of the major aspects facing mankind. By supporting renewable energies in your home and place of work you can help to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels.
Fossil fuels create large amounts of Carbon Dioxide as they are burnt to provide power and this affects the Greenhouse Effect. This Greenhouse Effect is changing our climate daily and is causing the polar ice caps to melt. This could cause widespread flooding in coastal areas around the world and we must do all we can to help avoid this catastrophe!
Green Energy such as Solar Panels, Wind Turbines and Biomass can all help reduce the amount of Carbon Dioxide release into the atmosphere.

Water usage can be reduced through caring a little more as we clean our teeth not to let the tap run or by having a shower rather than a bath. Collecting rainwater for the garden can stop us relying on taps to feed our plants. Please try to do all these things and do your part in helping the environment.

As we learn to recycle, repair and reuse the goods we have, we help reduce our usage of the Earth's resources. Recycling can go a long way to help. Glass, Aluminium, Tin, even Plastic can be recycled. Please find out about your local area and if you have a roadside collection please make good use of it!!
Repairing electronic and electrical goods stops us needing to buy new ones which helps reduce usage again. For example changing the element in your oven or washing machine.
Reuse by changing something you were going to throw out into a useful item again can also help. For example an old pair of jeans can be made into a handbag, an old car tyre into an interesting flower pot!! The list is endless!! Put your minds to work!

Foods are a necessity that noone can live without but by eating organic and local, seasonal foods we can help prevent waste of fuel in the transport of these foods and petrochemicals in pesticides during growth.
Shop carefully and choose foods you can guarantee have been grown wisely!

Well sustainable development is a wide-ranging subject that includes housing, business, transport and farming. Please do all you can to encourage wise use of resources and by supporting "green" and eco-friendly ventures you can help to save the Earth!
Thank you!

Please look out for your local carnival this June 2012 as the Rio +20 summit is held and party on for the Earth!
Try to lobby your MP yo sign the declaration supporting sustainable development and do all you can in your community and personal life to help.
Thank you again and I look forward to hearing from you about your events.
Please e-mail

Blessings of fertility to your world this Beltane! BB 

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