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When the last tree is cut,

the last river poisoned

and the last fish dead,

we will discover

we can’t eat money.

Monday, 28 November 2011

Climate Change

The above link will enable you to access the site of a large coalition of charitable groups such as Friends of the Earth, the Women's Environmental Network and Greenpeace, who are actively campaigning about Climate Change.
Each group comes at the story from a slightly different angle but all with one aim to gain recognition from the governments of the world that there needs to be action taken to reduce the effects of Climate Change.

With the Kyoto protocol of yesteryear coming to a close, the UN are meeting in Durban, South Africa to look to the future and make a new agreement.
Britain will be represented by Chris Huhne MP and he will be online for a chat to the world on Thursday 1st December before setting off to Durban.
This is your chance to give your opinion and ask for a better world to be created.
Please check out the website Stop Climate Chaos for more info and to add your questions and opinions to the debate.
Each member of the UN represented has an equal say in this debate and we must not let less informed countries who damage the Earth speak out against Climate Change agreements or indeed those countries who need our protection become even more downtroden in their fight for survival.
Please support this campaign and have your say in the debate!

As the UN meeting will be in South Africa, the coalition Stop Climate Chaos has created an Event called the African Connection. These events being held up and down the country are to raise awareness of Climate Change and to bring to the forefront of people's minds what they can do in their own worlds.
In this blog I hope to go some way to guiding you about eco-living so if you have any eco-tips you'd like to share please add a comment or e-mail me at
If you wish to let your voice be heard and hold an event over the coming week in your area or perhaps you could check out the website for events already being held to join in with.
Some ideas for events are showing films relating to Climate Change or watching videos with friends, resources available on the website Stop Climate Change
There are also ideas for African recipes so you could have an African meal with family or friends and all talk Climate Change!!
You could find out if there are African people living in your community and share with them your feelings about Climate Change. After all their country is one of the worst hit by the droughts caused by this damage caused by mankind.
Perhaps you could go to a drumming workshop or if you already play then you could
"Drum for Africa"
What an event idea! I think I'll add this to Facebook!
Lets say Friday 2nd December at 7pm as many of you as have access to a drum you could always make one or drum your hands on the kitchen top!
Let's get together and in our hearts and minds focus on bringing about change in the world!
It would be fantastic!
I'd love to hear from anyone getting involved!
Please e-mail me at
So we have a way we can all help campaign, keep aware at all times of how we personally are affecting the Earth. Do all we can to lead an Eco-friendly, Green Life!
Join with like-minded people and share ideas!
Lets make change happen in our lifetimes!


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